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Boulder, Colorado

For Labor day weekend, I met my husband out in Colorado (he had a business trip out there on wednesday and thursday).  I flew out to Denver, he picked me up around midnight on thursday night and drove us to Boulder, CO.  We started off friday morning at Woody Creek Bakery Cafe which is located on Pearl Street {such an awesome area}.  We thought it looked really cute and one of a kind, I mean come on, we were n00bs to Colorado {but were a little bit upset to find a Woody Creek Bakery Cafe in Denver -lower downtown and the airport}. I had an omelet with tomato/spinach/pepper jack cheese; honey on toast, fruit and coffee.  Amazing, I know.  And I got to eat this while sitting outside on a beautiful patio enjoying the 70 degree weather with NO humidity!  Brandon had a green onion/ham/tomato omelet, jam on toast, fruit and coffee.

After breakfast, we started walking Pearl Street {it has this amazing pedestrian mall for approximately 8 blocks}.  There were a ton of street performers and musicians.  Colorado is all about putting random pianos on the sidewalk for people to come up and play.  There was probably a piano on every block.  It’s so cool.  We saw this 13 year old kid singing and playing his mandolin.

and a man playing his harp and singing

{The Kitchen – where we ate lunch}

We went in a bunch of shops {Peppercorn – has every kitchen utensil, cookbook, anything you could ever need or want for your kitchen and Art Source International – had some amazing old maps and cute little prints of Colorado which we bought for our art wall} and worked up an appetite.  We ate at this AMAZING restaurant called The Kitchen.  It’s very farm-housey {old wooden tables, brick, wooden beams/columns, etc…}.  I would say it is probably the best food we had on the whole trip.  They only use ingredients from a 10 mile radius so the menu is always changing.  I had the Pork sandwich {I really ordered the Portobello sandwich but the waiter misheard me and brought me the pork sammy and boy I’m glad he did!}.  It came with a side of potato/greens salad which was totally awesome, and I want to try to replicate it but I’m not sure if I can.  Brandon had the veggie sandwich with the potato/greens side.  We split their mac n’ cheese.  If you go here, you MUST order the mac n’ cheese.  It was the BEST {I’m serious} mac n’ cheese I’ve EVER had.  We split a beer called Tic Wit {a Belgian – and very delish} and they served it in wine glasses.  It was pretty awesome.

We walked around some more {we might have stopped in a chocolate shop called ‘Piece, Love and Chocolate‘ and had a salted caramel liquid truffle, basil ganache and sipping chocolate… maybe} and we found this little sticker along the way.  How convenient that B was sportin’ the faux that day.

Then {we did a lot that day, I’m not even half way through} we went to the Celestial Seasonings Factory {the only one in the world!!!}.  We walked up to the tour counter, behind a family of 8, and heard the lady tell them there wasn’t enough room on the tour.  So I was a little bummed because that was the last tour of the day.  I walked up to the counter and said, “so your tour is full?” and she said, “how many are in your group?” and I said, “2” and she said “we have two spots left!”.  Yippee!!  We got to sample some tea before the tour started.  This was seriously so cool, if you’re in Boulder, you definitely should go.  We learned so much!  They make 500,000 boxes of tea a day {10 million bags of tea}.  Not all ‘tea’ is tea.  It has to come from the sinensis plant to be called tea.  Except we learned that their top 3 ‘teas’, Sleepytime, Chamomile and Peppermint are not actually teas.  They were originally called ‘Herbal Infusions’ instead of tea but nobody wanted to buy Herbal Infusions.  So some smart lawyer figured out that if they put ‘caffeine free’ on the box, they could call it tea.  There are 3 types of tea: Green {least amount of caffeine, about 30 mg}, White {can only be harvested 1-2 weeks of the year!, about 50mg caffeine}, Black {60mg caffeine, whenever you’re in a restaurant and order iced tea- you will get black tea}.  Coffee generally has about 90mg caffeine per cup.  Celestial Seasonings used to sell a tea called Fast Lane (I bought a box, they discontinued it because no one was buying it} which has 110mg caffeine!  We got to watch the packaging of the tea from the loose leaves to the finished cellophane boxes.  They were making Gingerbread Spice the day we were there!

After all that tea, Brandon was ready for some BEER.  We went to three, yeah you read that right, THREE breweries after that.  I would say we checked another item off our 101 in 1001 list – #38 Beer Tour!  First we stopped at Oskar Blues {B’s friend used to work for them and we wanted to check it out}. 

Brandon had the Gubna and I had Mama’s Little Yella Pils.  It was the only thing I could tolerate!  I’m trying to not be a wimp.  I’m so used to Hefe’s, but I’m trying to branch out.  I even liked a milk stout {more on that later}!  Oskar Blue’s was one of the first micro-breweries to sell their beer in a can.  We bought a pint glass from every brewery we went to {ahem brandon!  I don’t believe you are allowed to give me any grief for my mug collection any more!}.  After Oskar Blues, we went to Left Hand.  I have had a LH beer before but couldn’t remember if I liked it or not.  We ordered a sampler of 4 different beers and a pint of their Octoberfest.  I LOVED every one of their beers {that I tried, I did not drink ALL of their beers, that would be a lot}!!!! 

They were all so good, I don’t think I could pick a favorite.  After Left Hand, we went to Avery Brewing.  That was definitely my least favorite.  Besides the fact that I was wiped {I really should have eaten before this point but I didn’t so I was getting in a baaaad mood} the girls were dressed in skimpy German garb.  I definitely liked the type of people at the other two breweries better, haha.  I didn’t have anything here but Brandon had 2 samplers {Wheelsucker Wheat and Dry Hopped IPA}.  I really do like their White Rascal Ale {which I brought to our Beer-B-Que} but I just couldn’t have any more beer without food.  I was not interested in ‘pub food’.  We had planned to go to Centro {a hip Latin kitchen} based on the recommendation of the guest services lady, but there was a 45 minute wait and I was fading fast.  So the manager actually walked us down to their other restaurant, West End Tavern.  It was pretty cool.  We got to eat on their roof top area.  I had grilled cheese with creamy tomato soup and B had a bacon burger.  Go us for being adventurous…  Haha.

That’s about it for Day 1 of our trip.  Stay tuned for the rest!


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