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Sunday morning I got an email from my aunt telling me that my husband was on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch.  My mom and I quickly went to their website (I was not in Richmond and couldn’t go get a newspaper) to see if he was on there.  And there he was, on the main page of the photo gallery.  Doin’ a heel click.  After running a half marathon.

Not only is he on the front page of the newspaper but it is an AMAZING picture!  Who has the energy to do that after a half marathon?

Brandon ran out to get a newspaper and took a picture of the stand.  So cool!

Here is a screen shot of him on the RTD website!

Brandon’s parents were at the half way point and took this picture of Brandon (on the right) and Leana (my college roommate!) on the left.

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Shut the front door

So I was at one of my most favorite antique places (no, I will not say where it is because I don’t want to give it away!) the other day and found THIS door for – what for it – $35!!?!?!

Woo!  I bought it even before knowing if it would fit my door!  I was with my boss, who drives a suburban and figured it would be much easier to get the door then.  If I waited to confirm the measurements, I’d have to borrow someones car (eh, I hate asking to borrow people’s cars!), rent something (really?  for a $35 door?  I’d probably spend more on renting a car than what I paid for the door.) or have them deliver (they charge a delivery fee, obviously).  Oh the joys of having a small car.  I figured if it didn’t fit then I could just craigslist it.

I’ve been wanting a wood/glass storm door for my entry door for a long time and it sure paid off to wait!  We’re going to get rid of our current front door.  This is what our entry currently looks like.

I am just not a fan of the faux stained glass wanna-be door.  We will probably replace the faux with a solid wood front door and stain it a walnut color.  The new door will probably look similar to this.  I’ll strip the storm door and stain it the same color.  I hope we can do it before Christmas!  Wouldn’t it look great with an awesome wreath?


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