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Chalkboard Wall

We’ve been wanting to do this basically since we moved into this house and we’re finally makin’ plans!  We want to add a shelf of some sort (floating or with supports) that will hold cookbooks, vases, pitchers, etc…  We also want to add some sort of chalkboard feature.  We just don’t know if we should do the whole wall or make a slightly smaller chalkboard area and frame it out.  I’ve drawn three different options that we are considering.

Option 1:  Paint entire wall with magnetic primer/chalkboard paint and have a floating shelf going across the whole wall.  I’d probably paint the shelf white to contrast the black wall.  I am thinking to have my mugs hang from the bottom of the shelf.  This will be a way to display them and also free up some cabinet space which we are lacking.  If you’re confused about the trippy looking disc in the middle of the picture, it’s my kitchen table.  Although I’m not sure how you’d be confused because it’s such an amazing picture.  Obvi.

Option 2:  Still have the shelf going across the entire wall with mugs hanging from bottom.  Instead of painting entire wall with chalkboard paint, just paint the area I’ve shown in black and frame with a distressed wood.  I’d probably have the shelf be the same finish as the frame.  We were originally thinking to make the frame out of some old pallets but have decided against that based on some posts about how hard they are to work with, how some have toxic chemicals in them, etc…  So we’ll just buy some new wood and distress it ourselves.

Option 3:  Instead of having the shelf go across the whole wall, we’d have it go to the doorway.  We could still do the shelf and the frame a distressed wood finish or we could paint it some fun color, probably aqua, since that’s one of my fave colors right now.

Which option appeals the most to you?  Do you have any other thoughts that would make this project even more amazing?  Is having the mugs hang from the bottom of the shelf a horrible idea?

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