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Moonlight Bike Ride

This year was the 3rd Moonlight Bike Ride {another thing to mark off my 101 list!}.  The Moonlight Bike Ride is a fun, non-competitive ‘race’ put on by Anthem and Sportsbackers {a local organization}.  We rode the first year and this year but missed the 2nd because we were out of town.  It is so much fun!  You can either do an 8 mile or 17 mile ride.  Both years we’ve done the 17 miles.  Well I have.  The first year Brandon did 8 miles because he had an awful bike {he had a flat tire, his chain kept falling off and his seat wasn’t fastened on all the way} and he had run about 15 miles that morning {he was training for a marathon}.  This year, his bike was a little better but still not like mine (I rode a very nice road bike that one of Tyler’s friends let me borrow).  He rode a fixed gear this year which is unbelievably tricky when going down hills {surprisingly there are quite a few hills in Richmond}.  The first year, my brother Tyler, best friend Elizabeth, Brandon and I rode.  This year Tyler couldn’t do it because of a work obligation but Eliz, B and I rode.  The weather was so perfect too!  I think it was about 75 degrees, pretty awesome for the middle of August!

Me and my bestie, oh e!

b and me

being cool

We’ve known each other for 7 years, hard to believe!

Haha, this guy was so awesome I had to get a picture with him.  Yes, he has a shake weight.

me and b again

Some awesome dancing

esull singing and riding

Here are a few pics of us from the first Moonlight Bike Ride in 2009!


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