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Hokies vs. Tar Heels

This past week Brandon and I went to Blacksburg for the thursday night game against the Tar Heels.  It was below 30 degrees.  I was cold even after wearing 4+ layers.

Jordon and I at the tailgate.  I look ridiculous in this picture but it was so cold.  That is SNOW on me.

Our poor (brand new) heater that was stolen while we were at the game.  Ugh.  It was too hot to put in the car so we put it under the front bumper and it was gone when we got back.  I don’t know why our portable grill wasn’t taken.  It is more than double the value of the heater…  Oh well, we’re over it.

And sadly we missed Darius Rucker singing the national anthem, Enter Sandman and kickoff.  It took us over 45 minutes to get in the stadium!  I wasn’t expecting everything to start 15 minutes early.

Wilson came with us to the game to support his favorite player David Wilson, #4.  I, being a rule follower, was so nervous when the security guys kept staring at us.  I kept making Brandon put it down.  But they never came and took it away.

Everyone wants a pic with Wilson.

Ridiculous again.

Fireworks!  Final score: VT 24-21

{These were taken with my phone!?  It’s crazy how far technology has come…}

I can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving and spend time with my family!  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Safe travels!

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