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I’m still here…

Woops.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been really busy!  Seriously, traveling for work and fun.  But hopefully we’ll settle down for a while and just relax.  Not.  That’ll never happen.  Too many things to do and see.  :)

A couple of weeks ago we got to go see NEEDTOBREATHE and Ben Rector AGAIN on the Reckoning Tour!  We got to see them twice on the same tour!  I’m so lucky!  Soooo amazing and worth it.  I’m just going to show pictures so you can see how awesome it was.  We were in the FRONT row.  That’s right, we stood for 3 hours not including waiting in line for 3 hours.

Geez Hillary, way to make me look like a pasty ghost!  JK, she just got back from vacay in the DR!

Me and the hubs

the broseph

Ben Rector getting ready to jam




My prize from the night- Bo threw me his pic!

Lastly, a few videos from the night.

The last song they sung was Slumber, my favorite song.  This is not the whole song, just when they go acoustic. You can see when Bo throws me his pic at the end!

Another awesome jam sesh at the end.  Ben Rector joined NTB on stage.

Ooh’s and Aah’s.

Drive All Night.



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Hokies vs. Tar Heels

This past week Brandon and I went to Blacksburg for the thursday night game against the Tar Heels.  It was below 30 degrees.  I was cold even after wearing 4+ layers.

Jordon and I at the tailgate.  I look ridiculous in this picture but it was so cold.  That is SNOW on me.

Our poor (brand new) heater that was stolen while we were at the game.  Ugh.  It was too hot to put in the car so we put it under the front bumper and it was gone when we got back.  I don’t know why our portable grill wasn’t taken.  It is more than double the value of the heater…  Oh well, we’re over it.

And sadly we missed Darius Rucker singing the national anthem, Enter Sandman and kickoff.  It took us over 45 minutes to get in the stadium!  I wasn’t expecting everything to start 15 minutes early.

Wilson came with us to the game to support his favorite player David Wilson, #4.  I, being a rule follower, was so nervous when the security guys kept staring at us.  I kept making Brandon put it down.  But they never came and took it away.

Everyone wants a pic with Wilson.

Ridiculous again.

Fireworks!  Final score: VT 24-21

{These were taken with my phone!?  It’s crazy how far technology has come…}

I can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving and spend time with my family!  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Safe travels!

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Sunday morning I got an email from my aunt telling me that my husband was on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch.  My mom and I quickly went to their website (I was not in Richmond and couldn’t go get a newspaper) to see if he was on there.  And there he was, on the main page of the photo gallery.  Doin’ a heel click.  After running a half marathon.

Not only is he on the front page of the newspaper but it is an AMAZING picture!  Who has the energy to do that after a half marathon?

Brandon ran out to get a newspaper and took a picture of the stand.  So cool!

Here is a screen shot of him on the RTD website!

Brandon’s parents were at the half way point and took this picture of Brandon (on the right) and Leana (my college roommate!) on the left.

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Weekend happenings


We kicked off the weekend at a Flying Squirrels baseball game with some awesome friends, the Buffs.  We actually stayed a good amount of the game.  Usually, I get bored and we end up leaving after a few innings.  I mean, come on, going to a baseball game is more about who you’re with rather than the game.  We had pretty good company this time. ;)  After the game, we made a little stop at coughkrispykremecough.  Haha, this was just the beginning to an ‘off weight watchers’ weekend.  But I only had one doughnut, that’s a little self control, right?


Saturday morning started with a 4 mile run around our neighborhood with Brandon and my brother, Tyler.  While they made it look like a breeze, I was just happy that I completed it.  After our run, Tyler headed back to VT because he had to be back by 1pm for Chaplain training.  But midway through his trip, he found out he didn’t actually have to be back until 1pm on Sunday.  I tried to get him to turn around and come back but he kept on going, boo!  Brandon went to get a few things for the BBQ and I went to try out a new farmers market (another item to mark off my 101 list!).  I wish I had taken my camera (need to get over that fear of people thinking I’m weird for taking pictures of everything, haha).  It was so awesome!  I bought some gorgeous sunflowers, a package of ready to make salsa which included tomatoes (about 5 different kinds)/jalapenos/garlic (was delish!) and I bought a separate package of cherry tomatoes (been eating those like candy!), golden zucchini and yellow squash.  I’m definitely going to go back again.

While I was cleaning the house for the BBQ, Brandon spent the WHOLE time (yeah, I was mad that he didn’t help me.  I’m over it.) brewing beer, another thing to mark off my 101 list!  This batch is a pumpkin brew.  It will be ready just in time for the beginning of fall.  A week before this batch, Brandon made an orange wheat ale.  Can’t wait to try that either!  It’ll take about 4 weeks until we can bottle them.

People started arriving for our BBQ around 3:30pm.  Don’t think this was a normal BBQ.  Nooooo the Smith’s don’t do ‘normal’.  The ‘entrance fee’ was a 6 pack of beer that you have never had before.  My husband is really into brewing beer now (I’ll go into more detail on that later) so he’s all about trying as many different beers as he can.  We had planned on playing board games as well but that didn’t really happen (except for the guys who played one round of corn hole {which is obvi not a board game}  Oh yeah!  Getting ready for football season- GO HOKIES!)

Several of the couples brought their kids who are so much fun.  I snapped a few pics of some of them.  I didn’t get a picture of one little girl because she was already in bed when I whipped out my camera (sorry G’s!).  I don’t know why it takes me so long to start taking pictures.  I feel kind of awkward taking pictures of people because they see you taking pictures and are like, ahhh you’re taking my picture!?!  Oh well!  I’ll just need to get over that.  I’m still learning my 50mm lens so I only got a few good pics of the night.

Naturally, the girls and guys separated into different areas and our conversations were drastically different.  The girls talked about normal girl stuff (duh) but the guys were talking about classical literature (??? hmm that’s what they said when I walked in and asked what they were talking about- sounds fishy to me) and debating whether or not children should have to learn cursive and/or need to use it.  Really spicy stuff.  And at one point in the night they almost convinced one of the guys to get a tattoo of pi on his forearm which would have been totally awesome.

Below are the two beers Brandon and I brought.  Of course I didn’t get any pictures of the other beers that were here.  Maybe next time- I think we’re going to make this a regular thing.

White Rascal Ale [Delicious!  I would put it in the same category as Blue Moon, Shock Top, Alegash White…]  Sorry for the weird logo [pretty sure its a devil!?]

Liberty Ale [Pale Ale- I wasn’t a fan but I don’t typically like that kind of beer]


My mom and I left really early to take my two younger brother’s stuff back to school in her van.  I drove there and back because my mom wasn’t feeling the greatest so I drove a total of 9 hours.  I am so thankful I am not a trucker!  When we arrived in Blacksburg (best place on earth) we unloaded the van in 5 minutes max – boys don’t pack much.  While Tyler headed to chaplain training, my mom and I met my brother Shawn at my favorite restaurant, Cabo Fish Taco!  My mom and I split our meals- I got BBQ mahi tacos and she got lemon tuna tacos.  It’s probably good I live 3.5 hours from that restaurant.  I have no self control when I go there, haha.  After lunch, we headed to the bookstore where I bought a few ‘necessary’ purchases to get ready for football season.

Blurry pic- ugh!  Still learning that 50mm!

Blurry but funny.  Poor Tyler.  He has to put up with a lot.

I like to embarrass him :)

This statue, by the way, is of William Addison Caldwell.  He was Virginia Tech’s first student who walked 26 miles to enroll as a student.

That’s what I did for my weekend.  What did you do?


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Bubbly, {ka}bobs & besties

Man, getting together with friends is the best.  This week I got to have dinner with two of my besties from college!  I wish we all lived within two minutes of each other like we did in college.  Those were the days…  But at least we all live in the same city right now.  We got together to celebrate Woo’s engagement!!!  We’re all so excited for her!  And I can’t believe I haven’t even met her fiance yet!?  But we’re hoping to fix that within the next couple of weeks. Of course we celebrated with a little bit of champagne!

Woo holding the raspberry champagne.

Ellewhy pouring the bubbly.

We made kabobs for dinner which I did not get a picture of sadly.  They were really good.  LY had marinated some chicken.  We also used mushrooms, onions, peppers and pineapple.  They were really good and filling.  I did get a picture of LY’s roommates cat which was trying to get our attention the whole time.

Exhibit A:Exhibit B:

And finally a pic of the three of us. 

P.S.  Brandon and I started a push-up and plank challenge.  He is on an actual push-up plan.  I just do as many as I can, which is 10 right now.  And they’re girl push-ups too – not the real kind!  But I’m trying to work up to that!  And the same for the planks, we’re just trying to do them for as long as we can.  I’m recording them so that we can see the progress as we go along.  I think I’m ready to start P90X again soon.  Another thing I can mark of my 101 list!

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We had dinner with some awesome friends, Mason and Marcie (from VT) the other night.  We live so close to each other yet see each other only twice a year.  What’s up with that?  OK OK, we have busy schedules and it’s hard to get a date nailed down but still…

So I love their house.  They’ve done almost, if not all of the work themselves and I envy their kitchen.  They painted one wall with chalkboard paint and it’s pretty awesome.

Marcie made tacos with homemade shells.  I had never had them this way before.  I grew up having the store bought taco shells.  She just dipped corn tortillas in really hot oil and flipped them over and bent them with a fork before they hardened.

They were soooo good!  The tacos consisted of re-fried beans, ground beef, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream and then we had a side of delish watermelon.  So good!

Ha. This was the best shot of the night.  We played this game, which I can not for the life of me think of the name.  It’s mainly a lot of trivia, which I like the idea of, but in reality I am horrible at.  There was a design category though, but it really had nothing to do with design.  One design question was, what animal is on the United States Postal Service logo?  Design?  Seriously?  Yeah right.  But it was still fun and Marcie dominated all of us.

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