that’s city livin’

I went over to my bestie’s house because it had been a while since we’d seen each other.  We ran some errands before dinner picking up supplies and looking for birthday cake Oreos.  I’ve heard everyone talk about them but I can’t find them ANYWHERE.  No such Oreo luck.  We headed to Mary and Chez’s for dinner and had homemade fish filets with coconut crusted tilapia – YUM.  After dinner we talked about the dumb abortion Oregon lawsuit, the VT court ruling and Hunger Games.  Thankfully we talked about the Hunger Games for a good while.  Basically we had a mini book club about the most awesome books ever.  I CAN NOT WAIT to see the movie!!!  Also, amazingly, Mary and Chez had 2 packs of birthday cake Oreos!  So I finally got to have some and they are amazing!

After dinner, some other peeps came over for Car bombs- you know because St Patty’s day is coming up and we had awesome weather.  See?  I’m wearing shorts.

Car bomb + mustache = awesome.

So the guy that lives under Mary and Chez was telling them how he barely hears them sometimes.  And then he said (something along these lines, I know I won’t get it right) “Well it would be ok if I did hear you because you know, that’s city livin’!”  So last night when they were getting ready to drop the shot into the Guinness, someone dropped theirs in too soon and was like shoot!  And we all died laughing because he didn’t know what to do.  So a few minutes later, Mary said “I’m just reliving it.”  But Eliz and Chez thought she said, “It’s just city livin’!”  So everytime something happened the rest of the night we would say, “that’s city livin’!”

Hope everyone has a awesome and safe St. Patty’s day!

Erin go braugh!



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2 responses to “that’s city livin’

  1. :) BLEH car bombs make me sick haha :)I had a bad experience one time…

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