Win + e = wine


This past weekend we made a quick road trip up to DC.  Dorsa was hosting a wine and cheese party so we headed up for that awesomeness.  When we got there we started prepping right away.  We had a new wine but it was pretty nasty so we decided to turn it into sangria.  Dorsa and I ran to the store and this is the conversation that followed:

Erin: (We’re walking into Giant) Oh man, do we even know how to make sangria?

Dorsa: Isn’t it just sprite and wine?

Erin: I have no idea but we should probably look it up.

Dorsa: Good idea, I’ll look it up on my phone.

Erin: What did we do before we had cell phones?  We would get to the store and be like shoot, I don’t know how to make sangria.  Then we’d have to go back home and print it out…  What did people do before the internet?  They must have had to look it up in a dictionary or something… That’d be awful.

Dorsa:  A dictionary?  Seriously?  How about a cookbook…

Erin: Oh yeah, that too.

Dorsa’s friend Leija came over and we started prepping all of the food for the party, which was A LOT.  We made bacon wrapped jalapeno goat cheese poppers, chickpea guacamole, tie die sugar cookies, deviled eggs, and brie with pecans and maple syrup.

Feast your eyes.

Drooling yet?

I really didn’t get any other pictures of all of the other food that everyone else brought.  There was so much!  Check Dorsa’s wine post for more mouth watering pics.  After we ate way too much, we headed outside to the firepit.  It was about 35-40 degrees so we were all huddling close to the fire.

Dorsa and Alaina hanging out by the fire.  Can’t wait to see them again in two weekends!  We’re going to see the Hunger Games movie!

Creepers gotta creep.

Brandon and Ella.

On Sunday, Dorsa and I worked on our spring Pinterest challenge.  This is the only picture I’m going to show because I’m so mad at myself.  Haha.  In a nutshell, when I got home I hung the wreath on our fence and forgot to bring it inside.  So yesterday morning when I went outside I noticed it had rained outside and the lima beans that we had glued to the wreath were all swollen and the paint was basically dripping off.  FAIL.  And yes, I am in my PJ’s.  Don’t laugh.  I’m just glad this picture doesn’t show my ankles/feet because my pants are like 5″ too short.  Darn you short pajamas!

Actually, you should see my massive craft fail so you can laugh.  But not at me – with me.

And finally- twin pic!  We’re obviously not twins, if you haven’t figured this out yet, but we do the exact same things and think the same things all. the. time.  It’s scary.  We scare ourselves on a daily basis with how alike we are.


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  1. :) I already miss you like crazy! We had such a fun weekend, and I cannot wait to come down there in 10 COUNT THEM TEN days :)

    Also your brie was amazing, and I want to eat it again… right now…

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