You can call me ‘World Traveler Extraordinaire’…

So I had a moment of realization a few nights ago…  We started off February in Haiti, midway through we went to New Jersey and this past weekend we were in Nashville!  We’re crazy!!!  We do travel a lot but it’s fun.

Anyway, back to Nashville… this will probably be in several posts because I have a ton of pictures and things to talk about.

First is how I found out I was going to Nashville.  I didn’t know I was even going until 2 weeks ago.  It was Brandon’s valentines gift to me, well really to us.  You should know that I gave him a book.  BECAUSE he told me we weren’t supposed to spend a lot of money on gifts so I was following the rules!  But it was a good book, he loved it and now I’m reading it so I guess my gift was a gift for us as well.  HA.  This is the book I got him, by the way.  It’s called Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  It is the most inspirational and thought provoking book I’ve ever read, other than the Bible.  I just kind of set the bar high there.  I like it so much that I just bought 4 more copies to give to people, so watch out, you may get one . :)

Nashville- gift- here it goes.  I knew I was in trouble when I saw a stack of about 8-10 envelopes in Brandon’s pocket.  He’s so darn creative when it comes to gift giving.  I mean seriously, I really have to work hard to keep up.  I apologized when I saw the stack and said “You win and you’re opening up my gift first because I know mine won’t be as good.”  He reassured me that that wasn’t true (yeah right) and proceeded to open up my gift.  Surprise!  It was Crazy Love.  You already knew that.  He was like, “Cool! I don’t even know who this author is or anything about this book!”  And I was like, “Me either!  but it looked good and it was the word love in it so it’s Valentinesy.”

So then he pulled out the stack of envelopes (and filmed me while I opened them up) and handed them to me one by one.  But before I could read what each envelope said, he would show the camera first, you know, to add suspense…  Here are all the envelopes together.

Seriously, how creative is that?  And how could I possibly compete with that?  I don’t think I can.  Good thing I’m realizing this so early on into our marriage.  It’ll save me a lot of angst over doing really super awesome gifts.  I mean I’ll still try to be creative and awesome but I know that I just can’t compare with the level of creative awesomeness Brandon has going on in his head.  Boomtown.

Ok, so I opened up envelope 1 which was “We are…”

…flying on an airplane!  I think this is when I guessed Nashville.  We hadn’t even really talked seriously about Nashville.  He knew I always wanted to go and knew it was on my 101 list but this was a total surprise to me.  Well anyway, at this point I didn’t even know if we were for sure going to Nashville so I continued on to “Going to see…”

NEEDTOBREATHE!?!?!  I think I flipped out.  No, I definitely did.  I have ALWAYS wanted to see them and really missed an awesome chance when they were performing with Taylor Swift this past year.  I am SO DUMB.  Back to flipping out…  I was so excited and immediately thought that I should put their music on so I could refine my lyrical knowledge, you know just so I wouldn’t look like a fool at the concert when everyone else around me was singing every word to their songs perfectly.  I couldn’t even imagine what were in all of the other envelopes but I had to find out so I opened “Where you’ll see a lot of these…”

Cowboy/girl hats, steak and honky tonks!  Haha.  If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.  He then handed me the next envelope which I read “You’ll get to SEE some of these…”  He said, “Read it again.”  So I read, “You’ll get to see some of these?”  And he said “again…” and finally I read “You’ll GET some of these!  OH!!!”  I opened it up and….

Cowgirl boots!  I have ALWAYS wanted some!  Then I opened “And do these…”

Ryman Auditorium!  Country Music Hall of Fame!!  Grand Ole Opry!!!  WOAHH!!!

Next up was “You’ll sit here…”

Our seats at the Ryman and the Grand Ole Opry!  We were soooo close at the Ryman AND GOO (that’s what I’ll call the Grand Ole Opry from now on…).

And finally, “Details.”

I know Brandon spent so long planning this trip!  I mean, come on, 4 pages of things to do and see!  We sure covered a lot of ground in Nashville.  Check back to see details from our trip.

But in the meantime, watch the actual video of me opening up the envelope.  Its quite hilarious.

Opening up the envelopes!

Stay tuned for the trip!


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One response to “You can call me ‘World Traveler Extraordinaire’…

  1. Ashley

    Suuhweet! What a great gift! LOVED the video too!

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