Lilly Bug

Brandon and I were able to go to New Jersey this weekend to visit our new little niece, Lilly(and her parents, of course)!  She is SO PRECIOUS.  I love her and I wish we didn’t live 7 hours apart.  We arrived Thursday night around midnight and went to bed because Court/Lilly were already asleep.  We woke up early and I got to see Lilly for the first time.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her but she had other things on her mind like a grumbly tumbly.  After feeding, I got to hold her while Court was able to shower.

Court and I were able to take her on a walk after they got back from the pediatrician. It was pretty chilly so she got to wear her fuzzy little bear outfit.  :)

I sure got my fair share of Lilly holding.  I was constantly walking around and bouncing up and down.  I’m not talking about the little bounces.  I’m talking about the big stand on your toes and then go into a squat type of bounce.  Needless to say, I have very sore calves/thighs and arms.  I don’t feel like anyone ever talks about that part of being a mom.  You have to be in good shape!

Even Toby was interested in Lilly.  He was so concerned with the little crying thing that I was holding.

When he wasn’t following Lilly and I around, he was guarding her room, the house or taking a snooze.

Courtney and I watched Moneyball while Lilly napped.  Isn’t she adorable?

After the movie, B and I cooked a birthday roast for Christopher and Courtney and even Lilly!   All of their birthdays are in the first 2 weeks of February.

We woke up at 5AM on Sunday and left before 6AM to make the trek back home.  It was supposed to snow later in the day and we wanted to beat the crazy drivers/snow.  We even had a few minutes to stop and see Steph, Shawn, Ethan and Kayla (Adam was already at church for sound team).

After a short 30 minute stop, we continued on home.  My mom was heading up to our house to get her 3 dogs (we were watching them this weekend as well) and we wanted to make sure she’d have enough time to get to our house and back home before the snow hit.  Brownie was all snuggled up on my lap for several hours.

And we made it home just in time to watch the snow fall!  Although we were too tired to fully enjoy it.  I was worthless laying on the couch while my amazing husband cooked dinner and did laundry… seriously?

Toby woke up this morning and was super excited to see the snow.

And that’s how my weekend was.  How was yours?


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One response to “Lilly Bug

  1. Super cute Lilly bug :) I just wanna squeeze her.. ahh those cheeks!

    I’m glad you guys beat the snow!

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