Midweek Confessions

I’m not sure if these are all necessarily confessions but more like ramblings – cuz that’s what I do, I ramble.

I get to meet my new little niece, miss Lilly Ryan for the first time this weekend!  She was born on February 1, 2012.  I can’t wait to hold her and squeeze those little cheeks!


I got a manicure and pedicure with my girl Hillary on Sunday.  I just love getting mani/pedis- especially with a friend!  I love the color – it is Essie- Brooch the Subject.  Side note: my hand look really wrinkly…bleh.  Ps- my fingernails match the shoes I wore for Valentines day.  I’m fancy, huh?


I went out to dinner with my hubs on Monday for Valentines day instead of  Tuesday.  We got all schnazzy and went to La Grotta.  We got frog legs for an appetizer (ehhh they were interesting.  I’ve actually eaten a frog before.  I went with my bestie to our friends farm in Maryland where we went frog giggin’.  We then grilled and ate them and they were actually pretty good.  But the froggie legs last night- not so good.).  Brandon had clams on his pasta.  Honestly, I didn’t know people ate clams.  Don’t they eat all the poop and yucky stuff in the sea?  Well I think so because they tasted like poop.  Not that I’ve ever eaten poop.  But it’s what I imagine poop tasting like.  I just said poop a lot.


So Brandon was like “we’re not giving any expensive gifts for Valentine’s day right?”  And I said, “no, I didn’t spend that much.”  So I gave him my gift on Monday, because that’s when we did Valentines stuff.  I gave him the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  I thought I did pretty well, small but semi-thoughtful gift…  UNTIL HE GAVE ME HIS GIFT.  UHHH.  He had a series of envelopes which phrases written on them.  I’ll go into more detail about it later but basically we’re going to NASHVILLE!!!  and I get COWGIRL BOOTS!!!!  and we’r going to see NEEDTOBREATHE at the RYMAN AUDITORIUM!!!!  I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  Can you tell?




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2 responses to “Midweek Confessions

  1. i love this post because you referenced our frog leg eating, which i almost forgot about!! hahaha WHAT WERE WE THINKING.

    i hate this post, because clams are one of my favorite foods in the entire world. so next time we go out to eat, you should order a dish with clams and i’ll eat all of yours.

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