14″ Lighter

I did it!  I got 14″ of hair cut off!  I also completed numero uno on my 101 list!  Brandon was there with me taking pictures and posting a play by play on facebook. Here are the before shots:

So when I am nervous/bored/whatever I pick my fingernails to the degree that my mom named me miss picky when I was little.  yea.

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long.  Jason, my new stylist (I make it sound like I’ve had a lot of stylists.  I’ve had 3 people cut my hair in my life.  One was my mom, 2nd was her hair stylist who did my first Locks of Love haircut and the 3rd was my sister-in-laws hairstylist.  I love her but I figured I should try to find someone here and not 3.5 hours away.  Maybe I’ll get my hair cut twice a year instead of once a year.  Yea.  Probably not.), walked out to meet me and take me to his station.  We talked for a minute about what I was thinking/wanting then he gave me a head massage.  Hello it was awesome.

I’m probably laughing at Jason because he told me his dogs names are Coco and Chanel.

Filling out the Locks of Love application!

Haha.  I had to show you this awesome picture because it looks like I have a sweet slicked back mullet and maybe a dash of front mullet as well.  This hairdo accentuates my ears and makes them look especially large.

This is my I’m-not-sure-what-to-think-just-yet-so-I’m-going-to-smile-and-try-to-make-it-look-like-I-love-it face.

Me and Jason

The after shot.  I didn’t love it right after the cut but it was great after I styled it the next day.

This is my do after I styled it.  Less product = better.

Boop.  The end.


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  1. I heart you twinsie :) You look awesome and I love your hair, and I am jealous you got to donate it.. next time I go to donate it, I will talk to them about it before I sit down in the darn chair!

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