Homeschool hair be gone!

So tomorrow is the day.  I’m going to get my hair cut.  I called today to make an appointment for the end of this week or next week, because that’s what I was mentally prepared for but noooo the only appointment they had was tomorrow.  AHHH.  So I’m going to get my locks chopped. This is how long my hair is right now.  Long, I know.

This is kind of what I’m going for: shoulder length, maaaaaaybe bangs but they would be side swoopy-ish, and I want to be able to wear it curly or straight.

Cast your vote on which one you think I should do and bangs or no bangs!






Which hairstyle is your favorite?  And which do you think would look best on me?



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3 responses to “Homeschool hair be gone!

  1. I’m useless. They all look good! Whatever you choose, rock it :D. PS you have REALLY long hair.

  2. Here are my favs… 5..4…3 :) in that order :)

    love ya

  3. MarcieDail

    I envy your long hair! I have been trying to grow mine since I found out B was coming.

    I love 3 & 4. I think 5 & 2 are totally you!

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