Vail, Colorado

Day 2.

We woke up in Boulder and had breakfast at a little coffee shop called The Cup.  I had a sweet potato and zucchini muffin (which was actually gluten free and quite tasty), fruit and coffee.  B had an egg/cheese bagel and coffee.  His was what you would imagine an egg/cheese bagel tasting like.  We quickly jumped on the road to start our ‘scenic drive’ to Vail.  It was supposed to take 4 hours but ended up taking more like 6.5 hours.  We drove on an amazing road, leaving Boulder, that had the most awesome views.  We probably passed about 300 bikers, I am NOT exaggerating.  I took a little video (of course after we passed the majority of the bikers and the view isn’t quite as incredible) of our first leg.

After about 20 minutes we saw this peach stand that I had to stop at.  My family has this thing for peaches…  My Granny’s sisters families own peach orchards in South Carolina and we love to stop at peach stands and farmers stands on the side of the road.

Before we entered the mountains, we passed what B thought were fake Elk on the side of the road.  I screamed and made him do a U-turn in the middle of the road, with oncoming traffic.  We pulled off and yep, real elk!  There was the man elk and his wifey.  She was too afraid to come close to anyone but he had no prob with us getting close to him.  In hindsight, probably not the smartest thing we’ve done, but oh well- we got good pics!

We also stopped at a little overlook which I guess what the beginning of Estes Park.  I’m not really sure if we drove through Estes Park or not, but we got a picture in front of a big rock with it’s name on it.

Those were the only two pictures we got of the both of us the whole trip.  Lame!  I just feel bad asking people to take pictures of us and usually people are scared off by the SLR camera (we didn’t have our point and shoot) that I don’t even bother asking.

Here is the beautifulness that I saw on our trip through the mountains.  Usually I don’t prefer being in the car for 6.5 hours (who does?) but when this is my view, it’s much more bearable.

My little furry friends.

When we arrived in Vail, we checked into our resort and ran out to rent bikes.  We only had an hour and a half until our 80 minute Swedish massages.  Oh yeahhhhh.  So we biked along the river to Vail Village where Brandon and I split a BLAT wrap (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato wrap).  I didn’t get a picture because I was so grumpy and hungry.  After we finished eating, we had about 30 minutes until we had to ride back and it was then that we stumbled upon “The Taste of Vail”.  Daggone it all!  Why hadn’t we found out there was going to be this festival of delicious food 15 minutes earlier!?!  But I did manage to get a chocolate cheesecake cupcake.  yum.

We biked back to our resort and ran to the spa.  {Haha I feel like I sound so snotty!  We don’t normally do stuff like this – stay in a resort and get 80 minute Swedish massages but sometimes you just gotta splurge aannndd it was my birthday!}  I wish I could have taken a picture of the spa but I wasn’t going to carry my SLR in there {the masseuse probably would have looked at me and said “seriously?  what are you going to take a picture of?”} and my phone has decided that it doesn’t need to take pictures anymore since I only have 7 days left with it.  When the masseuse was giving me my massage, every time she’d finish something, my foot for example, I’d scream in my head – “NO YOU CAN’T BE DONE WITH MY FOOT YET, DON’T STOP!!!  KEEP GOING OR I WILL SCREAM AT YOU FOR REAL”  So after the glorious 80 minutes were up, we left the spa and got ready for dinner.

We ate at Sweet Basil.  It was so delish!  The service was not so great, I think because everyone must think because we’re young we don’t deserve adequate service or maybe they think we won’t tip an acceptable amount – but I always tip my 20%, come on!  But don’t let me taint your perception of the food.  I had the Heritage Breed Double Cut Pork Chop with sweet corn puree, grilled king trumpet mushrooms, huitlacoche and raw corn/parsley salad.  It was as amazing as it sounds!  Brandon had the Grilled Venison Loin with spinach puree, root vegetable hash, pink peppercorns and pickled bing cherries.  They were both amazing but we both agreed my dish won.  We finished with Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake with Myers’s rum sauce and whipped cream.  The waitress also convinced us to get 3 baby scoops of ice cream for $8.  Bad move – totally not worth it.  They were the size of miniature watermelon balls {you know the little scooper you use to make water melon balls?  yeah that small…}  And the ice cream wasn’t even that good.  But the toffee cake was unbelievably incredible and if you go to Sweet Basil, you MUST get this!

That’s me and Einstein chillin’ before dinner.

Stay tuned for Denver!  If you missed out on Boulder, go here!



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2 responses to “Vail, Colorado

  1. OH man I want a sweedish massage soooo bad :) I’m glad you got to experience it for your birthday :)

  2. Ashley

    That picture of you with the elk is incredible! It doesn’t look real!

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