Kitchen Reno – Part 2

Here’s the second part of our Kitchen reno post! (If you missed the first part, go here.)

We looked at getting granite, but after getting quotes for $2,000+ and thinking about all the other projects we were planning, we decided on laminate.  Instead of ordering custom counter tops, we checked to see what HD had in stock.  They usually keep about 5 different laminate styles in stock, and we found one that we thought would work for us. Even better, we only had to buy 2 pieces.  They were on clearance (25% off), and we had 10% off Lowe’s coupon (which HD accepts).  We cut the counter tops ourselves, ironed on the ends, leveled, and bolted the two pieces together.  We had no idea what we were doing in the beginning, but it came together a lot faster than we expected – no more than 5 hours.  All of the laminate, bolts, and counter-top ends came out to less than $275 (and WAYYYY under our budget).

Realizing how little we spent on the whole kitchen thus far, I didn’t feel so bad when it came time to get the sink and faucet.  Together, the sink and faucet came to $325. Brandon likes to think that we splurged on the sink and faucet, and in some regards maybe we did but I definitely could have spent muuuuch more if I wanted to.  I mean, being an interior designer, I get to pick out fabulously expensive things for some clients (newsflash: not all clients have endless amounts of money!).  So I see these wonderful things I would like for my house, but unfortunately, Brandon and our bank account don’t agree.  I guess it’s good he keeps me somewhat in line.  : )

The sink and faucet installation took about 4 hours after measuring and re-measuring, and re-measuring the sink cut-out.  Brandon was paranoid about making a bad cut – after all isn’t the saying “measure 50 bazillion times, cut once”?

haha, that’s all I have to say about that.

Getting rid of that ridiculously heavy sink!

We used painters tape to keep the edge from splintering when Brandon used the jig saw.

Brandon using a router to sand the rough edges.  It would have taken me years to sand it with the bastard (gulp) file.  No really, that’s what it is called.  That or Brandon wants to make me look really bad.

Here’s me with that file again.

Brandon and his dad laying the counter top!

Brandon using a drill with the hole saw bit.  He was planning on drilling a hole in each of the four corners but it didn’t really go as planned.

That didn’t really work.  Brandon tells me its because we didn’t have a pilot bit built in to the hole saw. <– say what??

Using a behemoth bit because he was impatient which is odd because usually I’M the impatient one!

B using the jig saw again.  I was SO nervous when he was cutting!

So close!

EEEEKKK!  Ok, sorry that was a TON of pictures but to make up for it, I don’t have ANY pictures of us putting the floor in.  Woops.

Brandon and I (along with some family and friends – thanks guys!) tiled the kitchen floor. This was the second area in our house that we tiled (much bigger than our first venture – the powder bath – so we were pretty pleased with the outcome!)  We had to rip up the pink/white linoleum and replace the sub floor (because it was rotten from water damage. Bleh, that’s another story).  We got our tile from Home Depot with a 10% Lowe’s coupon.  You really shouldn’t buy things from Lowes or HD without a 10% coupon!

Want to know the total flooring cost?

Thin-set: $120 (pre-mix buckets are expensive!)
Backerboard and screws: $300
Grout: $150
Tile: $900

Total: ~$1470

Not too shabby.

We removed the disgusting fan and put a squiggly track light ($75).  Brandon and I formed the shape of the light fixture.  All you do is take the metal and bend it against something that has the curve you want.  We used our kitchen table.

It took us about 2.5 years to replace the pink ‘stained glass’ light fixture.  I just could not for the life of me find anything I liked to replace it with (within my budget, of course). That and we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to do with that area.  At one time we thought about putting in a recessed light and installing cabinetry along the wall to get more storage, but after pricing everything out, we decided against it ($2000+).  We decided we wanted a table in the kitchen anyway.

Thanks to John and Sherry, I learned about The Decorating Outlet and found a steal-of-a-deal pendant light fixture.  There were two in the store, one with glass and one without.  The one with glass was $140 and the one without glass was $70.  I bought the one without glass (that’s becoming a trend, right?).

Here are the before pictures of the kitchen lighting:

The old pendant light fixture.  Gawgeous!

There’s the ceiling fan which we quickly removed.  It was G-ross.

Here are the after kitchen pictures!

Here is an after shot of our kitchen with the beautiful Chivalry Copper paint on the walls.

Kitchen with the new paint job!


Are you ready???


OK, here it is!

Here’s the grand total:

Cabinets – $300
Countertops/Sink – $600
Floor – $1470
Lights – $145

Total – $2615

Thanks for stopping by!


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One response to “Kitchen Reno – Part 2

  1. mm yes good call on removing the orange paint.. it looks much better :)

    You guys totally HGTV’d your kitchen :) We bought all new cabinets but we installed them ourselves (but you already know that :) ).

    Good work!

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