Kitchen Reno – Part 1

Our kitchen was probably great when the house was built BUT it. needed. to. go. We ripped out/got rid of almost everything from the large floral wall paper to the Pepto Bismol pink counter tops. The ONLY thing in the kitchen, apart from the drywall and trim/molding that we kept were the cabinets.

Ugly Before Shot

Some items were too good to throw away.  Although Mammy is no longer part of our kitchen, she is still in our possession. I keep her around to remind us where we came from. I will always love her.

We removed the wooden soffit and raised up/pulled out the cabinet above the range so that we could mount a microwave there.  (I’m actually a hood-over-the-range type of girl, but we didn’t feel like we had room for a microwave anywhere else in the kitchen.) Then we scrubbed those bad boys till they sparkled. There was probably 20+ years of grease and cigarette tar on the cabinets.  Brandon added crown to the top of the cabs to make them look more finished.  We finished the cabs off by priming them and putting on 3 finishing coats (took forever, but totally worth it).  Replacing the cabinets would have costs us well over $5,000.  Scrubbing, priming, and painting the cabinets ourselves only cost us $300. Bazing!

Brandon’s mom peeled off ALL of the wallpaper by herself!  She’s my hero!  I really don’t like peeling wallpaper because it is SO tedious.  She also painted all of the base boards and chair rails.  I think that is when she officially became the trim person (she did ALL of the trim in our house- it was the natural wood and we wanted needed to paint it to help get rid of the cigarette smell and tar).   We were trying to get the house in livable condition before we moved in so we were kind of rushed to pick paint colors.  I was still in school and would come down most weekends to help with house stuff, and Brandon was working full time.  He would come to our house after work and on weekends (he was staying with his parents at the time.)  So in my awesomeness, I chose PUMPKIN ORANGE.  That’s not really what it was called, it’s actually called Chivalry Copper from Behr.  Biggest mistake of my life.  When we were putting it up we were like oh. my. gosh. Buuuut we convinced ourselves it would be fine.  And chivalry copper stayed with us for 2ish years until one day I decided I hated the kitchen.  So I picked a new color – Ben Moore’s Linen White to be exact.  I mean how different could I have gone?  Brandon told me I had to paint the kitchen by myself (haha, that sounds mean, but really every room in our house has been painted at least 2 times, some rooms 3 times – so he was sick of painting and so was I but I wasn’t going to live with that orange any longer).  I don’t mind painting; I don’t love it, but I love the result.  So I painted the kitchen in 2 days (after work).  Moral of the story: Don’t paint your kitchen Chivalry Copper.  Well you can if you like that color but I will never again paint another room in my house any shade of orange.

Check back for the second half of our Kitchen Reno and see what our kitchen looks like today!



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3 responses to “Kitchen Reno – Part 1

  1. I don’t mind the copper color that much.. but I like what it looks like now… :)

  2. Mindy

    You guys are aaaaaaaamazing!

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