House Reno – Exterior

This is what our house looked like when we bought it in 2008.  Can you say log cabin in the woods?  We saw a lot of potential.  A LOT.

Let me show you a close up.  We’ll it’s not much more of a close up, but it’s equally ridiculous.

Scary, right?  It reminds me of Boo Radley’s house from To Kill a Mockingbird.

First up: remove ginormo holly bush/tree.  Three holly bushes, left untamed for years, wrapped around each other, creating a base about 18 inches wide and 70ish feet high.  We went through 3 chainsaws until we finally hired someone to take the rest of it down.

In addition to ginormo, there were more azaleas than we could manage or really wanted to have.  I’m pretty sure, one year, Home Depot had a huge blowout sale on azaleas and everyone in our neighborhood bought as many as they could.  Our neighborhood is Azalea City, USA.  And azaleas are pretty, don’t get me wrong. But there were just so many, we decided to remove some most of them.

Our yard looked like this for about 2 years.  Ridiculous.  We felt really bad for our neighbors, having to look at our ugly yard for so long.  I, by no means, have any knowledge in landscape design which is why I called my mom and begged her to come up and help me.  She helped me plant a few basic shrubs and flowers.

We talked about moving the steps to the front of the house but decided against it because our door is not centered between the columns.  We did need to rebuild them, however, because they were built incorrectly.  The stringer was actually installed upside down.  So instead of the tread being 11″ and the rise 7″, it was reversed.  So we had really short treads and high rises.  Needless to say, they were really hard to climb.  It was like climbing a mountain.

Next on our list was changing the color.  The brown really wasn’t for us.  Our roof still has a few more years left in her, so we struggled with picking colors that went with a redish-brown roof.  After three years of thinking about what color I wanted the exterior to be, I finally picked one!  Really, it took me 3 years.  My family says I am really bad at making decisions… I don’t know what they’re talking about.  So after 3 years, I settled on Benjamin Moore’s Elephant Tusk, which to my relief, goes really well with a reddish-brown roof.

We’re still contemplating putting up shutters and painting the door.  If we did, we’d probably paint them Charleston Green or a really dark navy blue.

Have a great monday!


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