Today I was watering my hanging baskets and found these little guys.  They’re so adorable!  They kept opening their mouths thinking I was momma bird.  I tried not to touch anything but the top of the handle so that my scent wouldn’t keep momma away.  I have named them.

Walli (after one of my mom’s chihuahas because dog Walli is grey like them.  And just about every wild animal I come across, I feel the need to name and half the time I name them Walli)
Scrat (after Scrat in Ice Age- he’s one of my favorite characters and the other half of the time I name animals Scrat)
June (because she was born in June, duh)
Hairy (he has really hairy eyebrows)

Toby (our dog) was watching from the window and reallllly wanted to come outside and help me take pictures of them.  Really.  He was barking and scratching at the window the whole time.  He gets jealous really easily.  I don’t want know what it will be like when we have kids.


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