101 in 1001

Volunteer, Donate, Give Back

1. Donate hair to locks of love
2. Make thanksgiving dinner for someone who can’t
3. Be a big buddy at CZC
4. Babysit for friends- watched Drew B – April 4, 2012
5. Do an anonymous favor or pay it forward
6. Throw a birthday party/baby shower, etc… for someone- 8-7-11 {threw a bridal brunch for my friend Lucy}
7. Meet at least 3 neighbors
8. Help Brandon make his 101 list
9. Give blood for the first time!
10. Go to a neighborhood meeting or event
11. Tell at least 5 people about Jesus

Travel, culture, entertainment
12. Go to Haiti (on a missions trip)
13. Visit Ireland
14. Nashville
15. California
16. New England

Reading, writing, learning
17. Start a blog
18. Read a book every month
19. Learn a song on the guitar
20. Learn a song on the piano
21. Learn Creole
22. Investigate my family tree
23. Go through the entire bible
24. Read proverbs every day for one month
25. Join a book club or start one
26. Learn the phonetic alphabet
27. Read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (I’ve tried to read this 3x already)
28. Learn to drive manual transmission
29. Learn CPR
30. Learn the books of the Bible

Art and photography
32. Get a photo shoot done of Brandon and I before we have kids
33. Make our travel map
34. Make an art wall
35. Make a book
36. Begin and complete 365 photo project
37. Convert all my moms family videos to DVD

Fun and adventure
38. Do a beer tour
39. Visit Granny’s sisters (Polly and Jean) in south Carolina and pick peaches off their trees
40. Go to a shooting range
41. Stay at a bed and breakfast
42. Go to Busch Gardens– 7-31-11 with Dorsa, Erik, Ava, Farid and Brandon
43. Go to a farmers market – 8-20-11
44. Do moonlight bike ride
45. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
46. Go bungee jumping
48. Run Monument 10K
49. Take a dancing class
50. Go to an apple orchard
51. Enter Toby in river rock dog competition
52. Brew our own beer
53. Have a huge cookout with friends– 8-20-11
54. Go on a spontaneous road trip – 1-1-12 thru 1-5-12 – Went to New Orleans for the VT Sugar Bowl- post coming soon
55. Do g-force carts
57. Host a wine and cheese cocktail party (I helped my friend who was hosting, that counts right?)
58. Get up on a surf board
59. Go to a concert, preferably Taylor swift Even better- I got to see Needtobreathe TWICE!!!
60. Go to the river in RVA

Suzy homemaker
61. Try a new recipe as often as possible
62. Plant hydrangeas
63. Plant a vegetable garden
64. Finish back yard/ make a patio
65. Hang the HUGE SLATE chalkboard in our Kitchen
66. Organize my external hard drive and back up everything on our computers
67. Make drapes for family room, window tx for living, dining and kitchen
68. Reupholster a chair
69. Make a large mirror in my bedroom
70. Build a wine rack
71. Plant a tree
72. Clean out and organize our attic
73. Get mosquito machine so we can hang out in our back yard :)
74. Figure out what to do with living room
75. Hang all of our Hokie artwork in Brandon’s “office”

Big hairy audacious goals
76. Start a family

Simple pleasures
77. Get a massage on the beach
78. Go to a drive-in movie
79. Go on a date night every other week
80. Get cowgirl boots
81. Send birthday cards to my friends and family
82. Tell my husband/ family that I love them every day

Discipline in health and finance
83. Work out 3x a week
84. Run a half marathon
85. Lose 15 lbs  {completed 11/17/11}
86. Do p90x, for real this time
87. Take a yoga class
88. Be able to do 5 complete pull-ups in a row
89. Be able to do 40 non girl pushups in a row
90. Be able to do the plank for 4 minutes straight
91. Get a magic bullet and make protein shakes for breakfast – We bought the Ninja and it’s pretty awesome!
92. Pack lunch as much as possible
93. Wake up at 7am every week day and read bible
94. Only eat out once a week
95. Save $10 upon completion of each item to spend at end of 1001
96. Learn to coupon
97. Don’t buy any clothing for 3 months (No one thinks I can do this! I’ll prove you all wrong!)

Embracing randomness
98. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
99. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
100. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy
101. Go to a photobooth and take pictures

I started this on June 21, 2011.  Let’s see if I can do it!


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